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1. wholesale nikes from china Hirsch, food editor for the Associated Press. making dinner, think about the ingredients you using that can also serve as the basis for a healthy lunch the next day, Hirsch advises. Beau Coffron, creator of the website Lunchbox Dad, will often grill extra chicken breasts at dinnertime to make a wrap or a burrito and dice them to make chicken salad Cheap Kids Gose Limited Jerseys for lunch. Adding in hummus and vegetables gives you protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Department of Agriculture, three ounces of cooked chicken breast contains 26 grams of protein. Hirsch. of us eat lunch at our desks or while we reading. I like to pack a lot of different things that can be eaten separately or together that you can pick at or assemble, he adds. Consider packing an antipasti plate that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, olives, cheese, whole grain flatbread, hummus and mustard.

3. Hirsch suggests getting inspiration from breakfast by using your morning pancakes as the Cheap Limited Weeks Kids Jerseys bread for your sandwich at lunch. You can make a whole wheat pancake Cheap Game Liriano Youth Jerseys sandwich with turkey and low Cheap Game Melancon Pirates Jerseys fat cheese or spread it with peanut butter and bananas. Hirsch also likes to pack miniature quiche cups for lunch because they are easy to make and transport. Opting for a crustless egg white quiche that is packed with vegetables cuts down on calories and Cheap Limited Taveras Jerseys fat while bumping www.stewartfarms.net/list/ up the vitamin and mineral profile.

4. Soup

Soup in a thermos can cheap stitched nfl jerseys be a source of comfort during a busy workday. But be careful: Soup can be high in sodium, so make your own or choose a low sodium option. Current dietary guidelines for Americans recommend that adults consume no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day, but unfortunately most of us overshoot this target with an average intake of 3,436 milligrams a day. Treat your low sodium broth as Cheap Womens Parker Jerseys a blank canvas and add lean proteins (turkey, chicken, lean beef), complex carbs (whole grain pasta, Cheap Game Barnes Womens Jerseys Cheap Limited Rodney Kids Jerseys Cheap Youth Pena Jerseys beans, lentils) and loads of vegetables (onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes) for a hearty and healthy lunchtime meal.

5. Frozen Pasta

Whole wheat pasta makes for a lovely lunch, and it freezes wholesale jerseys paypal and defrosts quickly, says Kendra Peterson, creator of the Biting the Hand That Feeds You blog. In the morning, she toss the frozen pasta in a container and it will thaw by lunchtime. Just add vegetables, tomato sauce and the cooked meat of choice and Cheap Badenhop Limited Jerseys you have a complete meal. Whole wheat pasta is a healthy option because it has more complex carbohydrates and fiber than white pasta. You can also Cheap Nike McCutchen Pirates Jerseys try pasta made from buckwheat, brown rice or quinoa for variety in flavor. Bento Boxes

The Japanese perfected the bento box, an easily transported meal with compartments for various foods. your next lunch an American bento and fill with dried fruit, grape tomatoes and grilled chicken salad or a whole wheat wrap with lean deli meat and nonfat cheese that been rolled and sliced into spirals, says Beau Coffron of the website Lunchbox Dad. Bento boxes work particularly well with food that can be dipped, such as fruit and yogurt or raw vegetables Cheap Limited Delgado Womens Jerseys weblink and salad dressing.

7. Seafood

Eating eight ounces of a variety of seafood per week can help prevent heart disease in adults. Seafood is rich in healthy omega 3 polyunsaturated fats, which help protect against heart disease and stroke and aid in blood clotting and building cell membranes in the brain. Try adding mussels, steamed clams or broiled fish to whole wheat pasta. Fish tacos are also an easy and fun way Cheap Limited Drew Yankees Jerseys to incorporate more fish into your diet at lunchtime. Topping with fresh cilantro, cabbage and avocados adds antioxidants and healthy monounsaturated fats.

8. Hirsch. Chop leftover lean meat, add some low sodium barbecue sauce and heat it in the microwave. Pack the mixture in an insulated container in the Cheap Kids Duvall Nike Jerseys morning, Cheap Womens De Aza White Sox Jerseys then spoon it onto a whole wheat bun with some low sodium coleslaw for lunch. You can also make a large batch of pulled barbecue chicken in a slow cooker Cheap Game Chavez Youth Jerseys ahead of time and enjoy Cheap Nike Nathan Youth Jerseys it throughout the week. Serving with lettuce leaves or as an open face sandwich on a whole wheat bun will help cut down on calories as well.

9. Rice Balls

Steamed rice balls or rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves are common lunchbox items throughout Asia because they portable and require no plates Cheap Nike Pompey Kids Jerseys or utensils. One of the easiest ways to make healthy rice balls for lunch is to take a handful of cooked, brown sticky rice, add some lean meat or vegetable filling in wholesale team jerseys the center and top it with more authentic mlb jerseys rice. Gently compress and roll the mixture with both hands until it forms a solid ball. www.colts.com Experiment with various fillings such as pickled vegetables, pieces of grilled chicken or pork or your favorite leftovers. Brown rice has more Cheap Clemens Limited Jerseys fiber Cheap Authentic Dominguez Giants Jerseys than white rice and can lower your risk of heart disease, according to the USDA.

10. Meatloaf

Blogger Kendra Peterson saves time by making a batch of lean mini meatloaves in a muffin tin instead of the traditional bread pan. The smaller size makes Cheap Womens Capuano Yankees Jerseys it easier to pack for lunch. When the loaves are done, she slices them in half and packs them with two pieces of whole grain bread to make two small Cheap Womens Loney Jerseys open face sandwiches. You can pick them up with your hands and they won nfl replica jersey fall apart, Peterson says. Using ground turkey or lean beef helps cut down on saturated fat.

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